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Pedro Crunch Dog Food

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Pedro Crunch Dog Food Pedro Crunch Dog Food

10.99 / 14.73


Pedro Crunch dog food is made in Northern Ireland and is a dog food for working dogs. 15kg

For sporting and working dogs.

Pedro Crunch complete dog food is available in our popular Turkey with Rice & Vegetables flavour.

Its special fibre formula is designed to promote ahealthy gut and to aid digestion.
The addition of essential oils means that it also helps to maintain supple and healthy joints in dogs of all ages.
Pedro Crunch is complete and ready for feeding but can only be fed with fresh water.
Pedro Crunch contains an odour eliminator to reduce unpleasant animal smells, such as flatulence and faeces odours.
Stored under normal conditions Pedro Crunch will keep for long periods and will not deteriorate after opening.

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