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Ancol Acticat Lazy Monkey Cat Scratching Post

(Code: 704700)

About Ancol Acticat Lazy Monkey Cat Scratching Post

Treat your cat to a new scratching post with the Ancol Acticat Lazy Monkey Scratching Post.

This versatile scratching post is designed to provide your cat not only with a place to stretch their claws, but with hours of fun and comfort.

The long dangling legs and head of the monkey will entice your cat to bat and pounch, wile the soft plush material used on the platform and base is perfect for a cozy nap or a comfortable perch for some people watching.

The post is covered with sisal rope, which provides a safe and satisfying material for your cat to sink their claws in to and scratch.

Clawing and scratching objects is a completely natural behaviour for cats and it can be especially advantageous to get kittens used to scratching the post from a young age. Cats scratch to relieve energy, leave scent marks behind, to reduce stress and to maintain their claws. To encourage cats to claw their scratching post rather than furniture, redirect their attention to the post when they scratch and consider using Catnip Spray to attract your cat to the post.

This scratching post is 56cm high, with a 40cm wide base and a 35cm wide platform.