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Ancol | Dog & Cat Grooming | Ergo Tick Removal Tool

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Safely and gently remove ticks from your dog's skin with the Ancol Ergo Tick Removal Tool.

For quick and easy tick removal, this tiny tool is perfectly sized to travel in your pocket during woodland walks or to keep in a handy First Aid Box in your car. Ticks should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of tick-borne disease, so it is imperative that you carry a tick tool if you and your pet frequent areas where ticks are common.


Brush the pet's hair back to reveal the tick. Place the tool against the dog's skin, with the largest part of the wire loop directly over the tick. Slowly, but firmly, pull the tip of the tool towards the tick so the tick is trapped within the smallest part of the loop. Keep pulling smoothly until the tick is removed from the skin. Ensure the whole tick has been removed, including the head, before wiping the area with a Pet Wipe and applying Antibacterial Powder.


Ticks can carry diseases which are harmful to a variety of mammals - including humans. Do not allow yourself to be bitten by the tick during or after removal. Wash hands thoroughly following removal.

In the case of tick bites and infestation on pets, prevention is always better than cure. We recommend applying a Spot On treatment such as Fiprotec which protects against both fleas and ticks. Even a single bite from a tick can spread tick borne disease to your pet. Check your pet regularly for ticks and other parasites, preferably as part of your daily grooming and dental care routine.

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Excellent quality, very reasonable priced, would definitely buy from them again!
Martina G.
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Worked very well.