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Ancol Ergo Stripping Comb

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The Ergo Stripping Comb is a super light tool which helps to simplify stripping the coats of wire haired and certain short haired breeds.

By grooming firmly in the direction of hair growth, the comb plucks out dead hair from the undercoat, an strips the coat to a uniform length.

Removal of the longer, older and duller hair stimulates the new growth of healthy and shiny hair, improving your dog's coat quality.

Never use a stripping comb on a matted coat, as this will cause pain to the dog, use a Knot Buster to remove tangles before combing.

This brush should only be used on the following coat types: Wire and Smooth.

Length: 16cm

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Sd it was good on short coats but its not that good on it.
Nigel m.