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Ancol Safety Camouflage Cat Collar with Bell - Black/White

(Code: AN671210)
Collar Colour :
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Treat your cat to a fun, colourful Ancol Safety Camouflage Cat Collar.

The collar comes with a Quick Release Buckle to help to ensure that if your cat becomes caught, for example on a bush or fence, while outside, the pressure of the weight of the cat causes the buckle to release, avoiding serious injuries.

To help to protect birds and small mammals when your cat is outside exploring and hunting, this collar comes with a warning bell. Research from the RSPB found that having your cat wear a collar with a bell can help to reduce the amount of small birds and animals that they catch, which helps to support your local wildlife populations. For cats who are particularly skilled hunters who still bring home prey while wearing a bell, it is possible to add extra bells to a collar.

This collar is not reflective and therefore may not be suitable for cats who are likely to be outside near roads. Wearing a reflective collar helps to reduce the risk of your cat being run over by a car that has not spotted them. If your cat does spend time outdoors near a road, you may wish to consider one of our reflective ranges, including the Ancol Safety Reflective Gloss Cat Collar, the Ancol Reflective Hi Vis Safety Cat Collar or, for Micro Chipped cats, the Ancol Reflective Safety 'I am Micro Chipped' Cat Collar.

To help keep your cat safe when spending time outdoors, we recommend that all cats are both neutered and micro chipped. A cat who has been neutered is less likely to wander far from home in search of a mate and therefore less likely to get into fights with other cats. Micro chipping your cat increases the chances that they will be safetly returned to you if they are injured or lost when outside. You may also wish to consider adding a small ID Tag engraved with your name, address and contact number to increase the chances of being reunited with your cat if they go missing.