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Ancol Safety Reflective Gloss Cat Collar With Bell

(Code: AN670820)

About Ancol Safety Reflective Gloss Cat Collar With Bell

The Ancol Safety Gloss Reflective Cat Collar is one of our top choices for safety concious cat owners.

Made from a lightweight reflective material, specifically designed to help your cat to be more visible in the dark, to help keep them safe when they are outside exploring, this collar is both comfortable and very practical.

A further safety feature of this collar is the special plastic Quick Release buckle. Cats can easily become caught on trees and bushes when outside, which can cause serious injury if the collar becomes caught. With a Quick Release buckle, the pressure of the weight of the cat causes the buckle to quickly release, freeing your cat right away.

To help to reduce the impact of your cat hunting outside on your local wildlife population, Ancol have included a bell with this collar. Research from the RSPB has found that wearing a collar with a bell attached can reduce the amount of small animals and birds an individual cat catches by a third. If you find that your cat is still bringing home prey with a bell attached to their collar, you may with to consider adding extra bells.

We strongly recommend that all outdoor cats be micro chipped, as this makes it easier to identify if they become injured or lost on their adventures. It can also be very helpful to include an ID Tag on your cats' collar, with your contact details on, as it can quickly help people to identify you as your cats owner without needing to get your cat scanned. If your cat has been Microchipped, you may wish to opt for the 'I am Micro Chipped" reflective collar by Ancol, to encourage anybody who finds your cat to check for their Micro Chip.