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API Ammonia Test Kit

(Code: GK-AP8600)

About API Ammonia Test Kit

Ammonia is constantly released into the water in an aquarium containing fish, through the gills of the fish and as urine and solid waste, so regular testing with an API Ammonia Liquid Test Kit ensures accuracy in results and allows aquarists to manage and prevent potential imbalances.

As the number one cause of stress and related death in tropical fish, ammonia damages gill membranes and prevents fish from carrying out normal respiration, quickly leading to death when in high levels. Even trace amounts of ammonia suppress the immune system and increase the likelihood of disease.

The biological filter in the aquarium acts as a natural defence against ammonia, but any natural system can suffer imbalances, especially those which are in new aquariums or in aquariums which have a heavy fish load. 

In an established aquarium or pond, the ammonia level should always remain at 0 ppm (mg/l) to avoid unnecessary stress on fish, however in unbalanced bodies of water the level can surge to 4 ppm and above. Use of Easy Life Biological Fluid Filter Media will speed up cycling and conversion of ammonia and nitrite to less harmful substances.

Regular monitoring is key to preventing and halting ammonia surges -  every 2 days in a new aquarium and every week in an established aquarium is recommended.

The API Ammonia Test Kit is an economical effective method of testing the water, consisting of a mercury free, salicylate test to monitor levels of between 0 ppm and 8 ppm, on up to 130 occasions.

Suitable for freshwater and saltwater (marine) aquariums and ponds.

To remove childproof safetycap: With one hand, push red tableft with thumb while unscrewingcap with free hand.
1. Fill a clean test tube with 5 ml of water to betested (to the line on the tube).
2. Add 8 drops from Ammonia Test Solution Bottle #1,holding the dropper bottle upside down in acompletely vertical position to assure uniform drops.
3. Add 8 drops from Ammonia Test Solution Bottle #2,holding the dropper bottle upside down in acompletely vertical position to assure uniform drops.
4. Cap the test tube & shake vigorously for 5 seconds.
5. Wait 5 minutes for the color to develop.6. Read the test results by comparing the color ofthe solution to the appropriate Ammonia ColorCard (choose either Freshwater or Saltwater. Forponds, use the freshwater color card). The tubeshould be viewed in a well-lit area against thewhite area of the card. The closest match indicatesthe ppm (mg/L) of ammonia in the water sample.Rinse the test tube with clean water after use.
Note: Do not pour test tube contents back intothe aquarium/pond.