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API Proper PH 6.5 260g

(Code: GK-AP35C)
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Proper pH 6.5 is formulated to lock the pH at 6.5. Buffers compensate for fluctuations in pH, automatically adjusting the pH to the predetermined level. Proper pH 6.5 will lower or raise the pH until 6.5 is reached. pH will not rebound to the original level. It may require more than one dose to adjust the pH. This is because carbonates (KH) in the water work against pH adjustment.

Proper pH 6.5 is for freshwater aquariums only. Proper pH 6.5 is a phosphate buffer and is not be used with live aquatic plants. If the aquarium water has a General hardness (GH) level above 200 ppm a haze can form in the water. This haze is the precipitation of some of the mineral salts. It is non-toxic and will be filtered out by most aquarium filters. This haze can be avoided by first softening aquarium water with Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Water Softener Pillow. Use the Water Softener Pillow to reduce water hardness, thus preventing mineral haze and permitting easy pH adjustments to 6.5.