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Aqua One Aquatic Stellar Air Pump Pro

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Representing leading edge technology at a reasonable price, Aqua One Stellar Air Pumps are available to suit aquariums of a large variety of sizes to meet all the requirements of a keen aquarist.

The near silent operation is combined with proven reliability and an extremely effective action from 50 litres to 200 litres of air output in every hour.

Easy to install and maintain, the air filter and diaphragms are easily replaceable if necessary while the high quality silicon rubber diaphragms and included non return valve ensure safety and stability of operation.

Use of an air pump can benefit your aquarium inhabitants in a multitude of ways, creating water agitation by producing bubbles which drastically increases the oxygen levels within the aquatic environment.

Ideal for combining with decorative aquarium ornaments such as the Classic Aerating Skull or the Betta Aerating Coffin, with Air Curtains or with a simple Aquarium Air Stone.