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Avia Budgie Food 500g

£ 1.79
Avia Budgie Food is a complete food for Budgies. It provides a healthy and balanced diet of mixed seed fortified with extra nutrients. A carefully balanced proportion of seeds is super-enriched with six extra nutrients. These extra nutrients are impregnated through the husk and into the actual kernel of the seeds. You can easily tell the difference ? the special seeds are golden coloured.

Golden Grains ? 6 Extra Nutrients

Vitamin A ? helps to prevent infection, protects eyes, essential for growth and reproduction.
Vitamin B ? aids growth and is essential to digestion.
Vitamin B12 ? not present in ordinary seed, helps to maintain general health.
Vitamin D3 ? essential to formation of strong bones.
Iodine ? helps to prevent disease.
Lysine ? improves the all important protein quality, builds a healthy body.

Size: 500g