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BAM North American Catnip Pillow

BAM North American Catnip Pillow

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About BAM North American Catnip Pillow

BAM! Playful Kitty Catnip Pillow Toy 10cm

This catnip pillow toy is perfect for all cats over 6 months old. The size of the toy is 10cm x 8cm x 1.5cm. It's big enough for your cat to get a good grip on it to play with it and should be easily spotted when it gets batted by your cat under the sofa!

North American Catnip is well renowned for being the strongest, most aromatic and longest lasting catnip on the market.

This new brand BAM! has the same potency as the more expensive, well known brands.

Catnip is suitable for cats over 6 months old and up to 80% of cats will react to it.  Freshen up old catnip toys and bring a new lease of life to them by immersing them in a catnip tub for a while - watch your cat develop a new interest in old toys.

In order to store catnip effectively, ensure it is kept in an airtight container and all moisture is locked out. Store in a cool, dry place as heat or sunlight will cause the quality of the catnip to degrade.