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Bamfords Budgie 50/50 Classic Bird Seed Mix - 20kg


About Bamfords Budgie 50/50 Classic Bird Seed Mix - 20kg

A classical breeding mix with equal portions of the highest quality, high protein canary mixed seed and white millet, Bamfords 50/50 Budgie Seed Mix is highly nutritious and suitable for year round feeding of both pet and aviary budgerigars.

To keep birds in optimal condition, feed the blend daily is small amounts as required. Ensure fresh water is always available and provide a good quality Bird Grit for extra minerals and to aid digestion. Add nutritional variety and stimulus for bird s with fresh fruit and suitable green vegetables, Millet Spray, Cuttlefish Bones and Budgie Honey Bar Treat Sticks. During the Breeding and Moulting Seasons, a Budgie Egg Food Supplement will also prove highly beneficial.

Ingredients: Canary Seed, White Millet.