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Beaphar Fiprotec Flea & Tick Spot On Treatment - Small Dog (2kg - 10kg)

(Code: FIPROTEC--CG14368)

About Beaphar Fiprotec Flea & Tick Spot On Treatment - Small Dog (2kg - 10kg)

Kill Fleas for up to 5 weeks and Ticks for up to 4 weeks with one easy application of Beaphar Fiprotec Spot On for dogs weighing between 2kg and 10kg.

Fiprotec contains Fipronil, the same active ingredient as is found in Frontline, and is suitable for application to dogs and puppies over 8 weeks of age.

Although fleas will be targeted within a couple of hours of application, Fiprotec may take up to 1 week to begin killing ticks, so for continued protection it is best to apply Fiprotec every 4 weeks. This pack contains 1 pipette of Fiprotec, which will provide protection against both fleas and ticks for 4 weeks.

Fleas are a common carrier of Tapeworm eggs, so if your pet has fleas it is important to treat them with a wormer such as Beaphar WormClear to target intestinal worms.

If your pet currently has fleas, it is important to treat their environment and other pets in the house for external parasites to prevent reinfestation. We don't recommend putting pets infested with fleas outside if they normally live indoors, as the fleas will begin to bite the human residents of the home. Instead, apply a fast-acting spot on such as Fiprotec and the fleas will begin to die as they bite the treated pet. In conjunction with treating the pets, Foggers and Sprays, infestations can be removed reasonably quickly.

All pet medicines must pass stringent testing to prove they are effective and safe before they are sold, regardless of whether they are available 'over the counter' or must be prescribed by a vet. All parasite control treatments available at Pet Connection have been proven effective and safe for pets, their owners and the environment, when used according to the instructions on the packaging. If you are concerned or unsure about the most suitable product for your pet, please feel free to contact us and we can provide information and advice.

Directions: Before use, read all the information provided in the box for full instructions. Hold the pipette upright and tap the neck section so the contents all fall into the body section of the pipette. Snip off the top of the pipette then gently part the fur between your dog's shoulder blades. Apply half of the pipette between the dog's shoulder blades and the other half at the base of the head.

Beaphar Fiprotec Key Facts

Parasite Type: Fleas & Ticks
Minimum Bodyweight: 2kg
Maximum Bodyweight: 10kg
Minimum Age: 8 Weeks
Treatment Regularity: 4 Weeks
Pregnant Bitches: No
Lactating Bitches: No

Do not use on cats, rabbits or guinea pigs, as serious reactions can occur.

Active Ingredient: Fipronil 67mg.
Also Contains: Butylhydrixyanisole [E320] 0.134mg, Butylhydroxytoluene [E321] 0.067mg, Benzyl Alcohol [E1519] 190.95mg.