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Beaphar Fly Guard 75ml

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Beaphar Fly Guard is a preventative treatment for fly strike which provides protection for up to 3 months. Fly strike is a very nasty and sometimes fatal condition where flies lay their eggs in the fur, which then hatches into larvae. The larvae burrow down into the skin and begin to eat away at the tissue. This horrific condition is extremely unpleasant and causes a huge amount of discomfort. If not treated it can lead to blood poisoning and death. The Beaphar Fly Guard is a veterinary prepared preventative measure that contains an insect growth regulator, giving protection for up to 3 months. Each bottle can treat up to 5 rabbits.

Directions for use:

Weight of Animal / Number of pumps

0.5kg - 1kg = 5 pumps

1kg - 1.5kg = 7 pumps

1.5kg - 3kg = 9 pumps

>3.0kg = 15 pumps