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Beaphar Reptile Mite Spray 50ml

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About Beaphar Reptile Mite Spray 50ml 

Beaphar 's Insect spray for reptiles. This spray contains Ivermectin which is often used by vets to get rid of mites, ticks, live and other insect pests.

Directions: Be sure to remove any drinking and swimming water before using this spray, wait one hour before putting these back into your pets enclosure. It is important not to mix this treatment with any other antibacterial or anti parasite treatments as this can cause a reaction. Always treat all animals that share the living space at the same time, even if not all of them are showing signs of infestation. Spray the bottle from 10-15cm away from the area. Spray over the skin of the animal, starting at their tail and going towards their head in one movement. Always avoid contact with their eyes, ears, nose, mouth and genitals. Be sure to let the skin air dry after applying the product and reapply every 4 weeks to help keep parasites at bay.


One pump of this product foe every 200g of your pets body weight. 

Do not use this on animals that weigh less than 80g

Warnings: This product is not suitable for Chelonians (Turtles, Terrapins or Tortoises), Indigo snakes or Skinks, or any other animal that weighs less than 80g.