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Beaphar Tick Away Freezing Insect Removal Spray

(Code: CG17520)

About Beaphar Tick Away Freezing Insect Removal Spray

A non-toxic spray that freezes ticks for easy removal from pets, Beaphar Tick Away Spray is safe and easy to use, and a handy size for transporting when out on walks in areas where ticks are common.

Directions: Part the fur to expose the tick, before spraying directly at the tick from a distance of 5cm for approximately 3 seconds. The tick will fall off automatically in the majority of cases, however if it is still attached to the pet after 3 hours it can be safely removed with a Tick Removal Tool.

Ensure the whole tick has been removed, including the head, before wiping the area with a Pet Wipe and applying Antibacterial Powder.

In the case of tick bites and infestation on pets, prevention is always better than cure. We recommend applying a Spot On treatment such as Fiprotecwhich protects against both fleas and ticks. Even a single bite from a tick can spread tick borne disease to your pet. Check your pet regularly for ticks and other parasites, preferably as part of your daily grooming and dental care routine.