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Blagdon Green Away For Ponds


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Blagdon Green Away will eradicate murky green water from your garden pond. In the warmer months algae cells can build up in the water and cause an opaque green tinge which ruins the look of your pond and stops oxygen and light from penetrating the water. It also uses up nutrients that plants need to thrive, so all too soon the eco-balance of your pond can be devastated.

Blagdon Green Away uses a natural formula to force the algae cells together. They then sink to the floor of the pond or are removed by the filter. It may cause a layer of sludge which can be eradicated by a Sludge Remover to stop oxygen levels from being affected.

Directions for use:

  • Add 25ml for every 1,100 litres of pond water, and mix well
  • Distribute evenly over the water
  • If symptoms persist, repeat after 5 days

Available in three sizes: 250ml, 500ml and 1L