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Cheeko Dreamscape Cryptovallis Plant 30cm

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Transform your aquarium into a work of art. The Aqua Dreamscape Series is an extensive selection of synthetic freshwater plants that bring the beauty of the world's lakes, ponds and rivers to dazzling life in your aquarium. The result of painstaking research and careful design, these faithfully detailed, uniquely lifelike replicas transform any aquarium into an incredibly beautiful, natural-looking aquatic habitat...a true work of art.

Aqua Dreamscape plants are absolutely safe for all aquariums and are attached to a weighted base. You simply push it into the aquarium substrate to ensure "drift-free" positioning. Once placed, they remain placed, their lush silky leaves gently moving to the natural rhythms of your aquarium. Uniquely natural, beautifully simple.

Available in a range of sizes: 10cm, 20cm, 30cm and 40cm.