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Dog Life Meaty Treat Christmas Stocking For Dogs

(Code: JSCH100)

Dog Life Meaty Treat Christmas Stocking For Dogs with Gluten Free Treats

Is your dog sensitive to gluten? Do treats cause tummy upsets? If so, this stocking is perfect for him.

Serrano snacks are a high quality, semi moist, gluten free, high meat content treat. The snacks included in this stocking contains 70% fresh meat!

The addition of rice as the carbohydrate ensures the treats are highly digestible. These treats are suitable for all dogs and are perfect for rewarding good behaviour or just because you feel your dog deserves a treat.

Each stocking contains:

  • One pack of Serranon treats 100g
  • One rope toy (colours may vary)

Rope toys are great for pups - simply pop one into a plastic bag and put it in your freezer. The cool rope will help to cool gums. For adult dogs, chewing on rope toys can satisfy a dog's chewing instincts and they're great for dental health too!