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Easy Life Liquid Carbon Fertilizer

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Plants contain chlorophyll which absorbs light. The light energy converts carbon, hydrogen and oxygen into sugars, starches and cellulose. These are carbohydrates and this is how plants store the energy derived from light. The process is photosynthesis. Oxygen (O), carbon (C), and hydrogen (H) are obtained from water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). These are absorbed by the plant through the roots and through the leaves. Although a certain amount of CO2 will occur naturally in an aquarium, there will be insufficient to provide a well lit and well planted tank with enough for the plants to thrive. EasyLife Easycarbo is an ideal source of carbon ? without the expense of CO2 hardware. EasyLife Easycarbo a very powerful and effective source of carbon for aquarium plants. It can be used in aquariums with or without CO2 injection. A marked improvement in growth can be seen after only a few weeks.

Please note: No chemicals or fish foods can be sent outside of the EU, any orders from outside of the EU will be cancelled.

Dosing: 1ml per 50 litres per day. ml per 50 litres per day for lightly planted tanks, maximum 2ml per 50 litres per day for densely planted tanks.

Usage: It also gives excellent results when used in conjunction with my own brand all in one plant food.

Warning: Do not overdose. For use only in aquariums. Store out of reach of children.