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Easy Life Professional Plant Fertilizer

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Easy-Life ProFito is a highly concentrated universal plant fertilizer that is suitable for all water plants. The compilation of this fertilizer gurantees a strong, healthy and lush plant growth.

The usage of ProFito makes the addition of extra iron or potassium fertilizers mostly unnecessary. In almost all cases this even applies to heavily planted tanks. So ProFito really is a universal fertilizer.

  • Highly concentrated and complete universal fertilizer
  • All nutrients in one product
  • Makes the extra addition of iron or potassium almost always superfluous
  • For a strong, healthy and lush plant growth
  • Promotes the formation of cytokinines and thus cell division
  • Leaves grow wider, more intensive colouration
  • Improves the quality of the aquarium water
  • Improves and maintains the biological balance in the aquarium
  • Multiple stabilized
  • Free of nitrates and phosphates
  • Very economical to use