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Exo Terra Aluminium UV Reflector Light Dome

(Code: HGPT2055)
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Extra deep with a polished reflector dome, the Exo Terra Light Dome increases UVB output by up to 100% in terrariums.

Designed to fit neatly on top of screen covers, the highly polished aluminium reflector increases light, UVB and UVA output with the ceramic socket accommodating both compact fluorescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs.

Light Dome 14cm (5.5"): Ideal for use with incandescent (max 75W) and compact fluorescent (max 26W) bulbs.
Light Dome 18cm (7"): Ideal for use with incandescent (max 150W) and compact fluorescent (max 26W) bulbs.

Includes Switch and Hanger. Handy 6' Power Cord.