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Exo Terra Reptile Water Dish

(Code: GK-HGPT2801)
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With a natural rock finished look and neutral colouration which will fit perfectly into any desert, tropical or other wild type terrarium, the Exo Terra Water Dish is available in a variety of sizes to suit reptiles and amphibians from Crested Geckos to Boa Constrictors.

The interior of the bowl is made from food safe resin and is smooth and non-pitted to allow for easy cleaning with Reptile Safe Disinfectant and to prevent the build up of harmful bacteria.

Smaller reptiles, live feeder insects and amphibians can easily escape from the water due to the 'safety' steps incorporated into the corner of each dish, while the realistic rock pool shape encourages drinking and bathing.

Small: 9cm x 7.5cm x 3cm
Medium: 12cm x 9cm x 3cm
Large: 21cm x 16cm x 4cm
Extra Large: 26cm x 20cm x 5cm