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Fish R Fun Internal Aquarium Filter

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Fish R Fun
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About Fish R Fun Internal Aquarium Filter

An excellent value filter with options available for aquariums of all shapes and sizes, the Fish R Fun Internal Filter offers a quality aquatic filtration system at a budget price point.

Choosing a filter of the appropriate size and strength to cope with the bio-load of your aquarium is key to removing enough waste from the water to maintain ideal conditions and balanced water parameters.

The sponge filter insert works by mechanically trapping solid waste and allowing a space where biologically beneficial bacteria can flourish, converting dangerous ammonia into the less harmful nitrite then nitrate.

Exceptionally easy to install, the filter consists of two major components - the canister which holds the sponge media and the power head which ensures a consistent flow of aquarium water throughout the system.

Ideal for maintaining a clean aquatic environment for tropical and cold water fish, the Fish 'r' Fun filter is reliable and an essential piece of equipment for any budding aquarist.

Flow Rate:
200 litres per hour for aquariums up to 24" (includes sponge filter & carbon)
450 litres per hour for aquariums up to 36" (includes sponge filter, carbon & bio ring)
1000 litres per hour for aquariums up to 48" (includes sponge filter & spray bar)
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : 1000l/hr
Bought the wrong size fish tank but fast delivery and excellent customer service.
Hollie E.