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Dog Flea, Worm & Tick Control


How to prevent Dog from Flea, Worm and Tick?

Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

How to prevent my dog from getting fleas? 
A dog has to go out a few times a day. Here's why preventing fleas is not easy! You could avoid contact with wild animals or dogs, but one of the best ways to pay attention to that is the bathing and brushing. 
You will find in this category combs and shampoos that will help you to avoid, or detect if it is too late, the presence of fleas in your dog's hair. If it is too late, you can then use a spot on treatment in order to get rid of fleas. 
You will also find flea repellent under the form of bandanas or fleas spray for your dog and your interior as well. 

Tick Prevention

How to prevent my dog from getting ticks? 
Did you know that dogs are really likely to get bitten by ticks and to have tick borne diseases?
We suggest you to check your dog is he spends some time outside, and to check out especially those areas: 
  • the ears: in and around,
  • around the eyelids,
  • under the collar,
  • under the front legs and between the back legs,
  • around the tail,
  • between the toes. 
If you find one, be careful while removing the tick from your dog. We suggest that you use a tick remover for dogs that will ensure you remove the entire insect. You can also use a spray that will freeze the tick and make easier the removal of it from your dog.
As a prevention, you can also get a repellent collar that can be waterproof. 
Pay attention to the appetite and the behaviour of your dog to see any change, that can be induced amongst others, by a tick. 

Worming tablets for dogs

How to cure my dogs if he has worms? 
You will find tabs and medicines to get your dog rid of worms. 
Depending on the brand but also and especially on the size and weight of your dog, you will find the dewormer and worming tablets in this category.
Discover as well our selection of dry dog food, the premium range of dog food, but also the grain-free dog food and finally the dog treats section