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Flexi Classic Extendable & Retractable Dog Lead - Large

(Code: GKFL141BL)

About Flexi Classic Extendable & Retractable Dog Lead - Large

The Flexi Classic Retractable Dog Lead unites two ideals for dog walking - control and freedom of movement.

Manufactured in Germany, the Flexi brand prides itself on complying with the highest quality standards, with each leash being assembled by hand and undergoing more than 90 quality checks before leaving the manufacturing facility.

The integrated comfortable short stroke braking system can be used as a temporary facility to stop your dog investigating a potential danger, allowing you to maintain control to guide and command your dog from a distance, or as a permanent stop function to fix the lead at a certain length when needed. As the lead is consistently subject to a slight tension, no slack remains to trail on the ground gathering dirt as your dog explores their surroundings.

A handy chromed snap trigger hook allows for easy attachment to your dog's harness for exercise.

Available in 2 designs, one in which the lead consists mainly of a tough cord with a reflective protector belt, and the other in which the entire length of the lead is a belt of tape.

Customisable with the Flexi LED Lighting System and Flexi Multi Box.

Flexi leads should not be used for tethering dogs, the cord or tape should never be grabbed with a hand and the dog should not be allowed to wind the tape or cord around your body or the bodies of other people or animals. The lead should be inspected for damage on a regular basis as even high quality materials are subject to wear and tear. If walking in busy areas or beside roads, the lead should always be kept in a short, fixed position using the permanent stop function, and your dog should be kept in a heel position with the short leash.

The Flexi Classic Large 5m Tape is suitable for dogs weighing up to 50kg.