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Gardman The Hi Lo Plant Hanger Black

(Code: GM02100)

The ingenious Hi-Lo is a device for making life that little bit easier. It is a spring-loaded mechanism, which is attached between the basket itself, and the bracket it hangs on. Pull it down to the most comfortable level and water, giving each plant the amount it needs, with no wastage and without any need to climb or reach up.

When the basket needs deadheading, pruning or feeding, it can become too heavy and difficult to detach from its hanger. So simply use the Hi-Lo to drop it to a workable level and your hanging basket will thank you by providing a wonderful display of colour throughout the season.

The Hi-Lo has also been found to be useful for raising and lowering birdfeeders, to keep a regular supply on the go for garden visitors.

  • Enables easy raising and lowering of hanging baskets for watering
  • Uses a clever a spring and ratchet mechanism
  • Also ideal for bird-feeders
  • Holds up to 25 lbs