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Gourmet Gold Cans 85g Trout & Vegetables Chunks in Gravy

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Gourmet gold trout and vegetables chunks in gravy. The secret of good cat food is the combination of top quality, fresh ingredients and imaginative recipes. Gourmet Gold pays special care to the selection and preparation of ingredients to enhance the taste of each delectable meal.

  • A complete pet food for adult cats.
  • Gourmet Gold takes luxury dining to a whole new level.
  • These delectable recipes have been perfectly prepared for a single serving using the finest ingredients to produce dishes of superior quality and taste.
  • Gourmet Gold with Trout and Vegetables 85g is a delicious food which is sure to impress your cat with it's delicious and tasty recipe.

A complete wet food for adult cats, Gourment Gold with Trout and Vegetables comes in an easy to serve tin. Carefully selected ingredients are gently prepared and cooked to create ultimate satisfaction. The result is delicious meaty chunks combined with a yummy gravy.

Meat and animal derivatives (trout min. 4%, vegetables min. 4%), cereals, minerals, various sugars. Contains EC permitted colorants.