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Healthy Dry Dog Food - Pet Connection Super Premium


Discover our Super Premium dog food

One of the healthiest dog food

Discover our Pet Connection created range: the Super Premium Dog Food! 
We know how important it is for us and our companions to have the best quality possible for the food. Indeed, the food you give your dog impacts directly many aspects of his life: his hair, his energy, his behaviour, and so on. 
Here is why we have decided to create a healthy and premium dry dog food range! 
You will find this range declined according to the three phases of a dog's life: junior, adult and senior. Energetics and nutritional needs are really different according to the age of your dog. 
The range is fully hypoallergenic in order to avoid any allergy for our canine friends. Indeed, the canine species are one of the most likely to get or develop allergies. 
Amongst the numerous reasons why you should swith to hypoallernic food for your good, here are a few: 
  • as the name indicates, is reduces a lot the risk for you dog to suffer from allergies
  • as a consequence but not only, it minimises the risk of health issues (heart or digestive issues, arthritis, obesity, etc),
  • less sneezing; itching, and hair loss!
Please note that after switching to a hypoallergenic food, it can take up to 12 weeks approximately for the allergy symptoms to disappear. 
Discover our wide range of dry dog food, of grain-free food but also our dog treats such as the chicken wings, the hairy rabbit ears or the pizzle sticks