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Johnson's Anti Mite Extra 150ml

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Johnsons Anti-Mite Extra is an effective, water-based pump spray containing permethrin and is safe to use directly on cage birds and pigeons. It will kill red-mite, northern mite, lice and many other common external parasites and gives lasting protection against re-infestation. To use, spray each bird lightly from the rear at a distance of about 30cm (12 inches), avoiding the eyes and beak. For small birds, use 1-2 pumps of spray, and for large birds use 3-5 pumps of spray. Remove any food and water before spraying, and repeat the treatment weekly or as required until the infestation is cleared. To help prevent re- infestation, also spray cage surfaces, cracks and crevices, where insect pests live and breed. Johnsons Anti-Mite Extra is not to be used on pigeons intended for human consumption.