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Johnson's Calcium Tablets 40 Pack

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Especially beneficial to growing puppies and kittens, and nursing females, Johnson's Calcium Tablets are a valuable dietary supplement to promote strong bones and healthy teeth.

Essential Phosphorous and Vitamin D are also contained within each tablet.

Composition: Calcium 95mg/Tablet, Vitamin D3 100iU/Tablet, Dicalcium Phosphate 600mg/Tablet.

Analytical Constituents: Protein 5.44%, Ash 81.61%, Fibre 1.13%, Oils & Fats 1.11%.


Type of Animal
Number of Tablets
Cats & Kittens 1/2
Lactating Female Cats 1-2
Small Dogs 1
Medium Dogs 2
Large Dogs 3-4
Lactating Female Dogs 3-6

Directions: Give the advised dosage for your pet's body weight once daily, either whole or crushed and mixed with food or treats.

Contains: 40 Tablets