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Juwel Aquarium Rio 125 / Black

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Product Description

The compact design of the Juwel Rio 125 Aquarium belays the fact that this is a superbly spec?d aquarium, which benefits from Juwel?s exceptional build quality.
The hood comes with twin opening flaps, front and rear, which make getting in to the tank to tackle any maintenance is simple. The hood also houses the HiLite light unit. This takes 2 x 28watt High-Lite day tubes which will provide you with ample light to display your fish, and successfully keep live plants.

Filtration is taken care of by the internal Bioflow filter system. This highly effective 3 litre filter comes with all the internal media that you will need to make sure that the water quality is always excellent. With a poly-pad, carbon sponge, nitrax sponge, 2 x fine sponges and a course sponge the filter will provide plenty of mechanical as well as biological filtration. Situated within the filter is a 100w heater. This is placed here to make sure that water temperature is kept consistent throughout the tank.

Available in Black or Beech colour.