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King British Turtle & Terrapin Food Sticks 110g

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King British Turtle and Terrapin Food Sticks have been expertly formulated with a natural seaweed extract to meet the specific nutritional requirements of pet turtles and terrapins.

These sticks are packed with the essential vitamins and minerals these animals need for a healthy lifestyle; they even float to support the natural feeding behaviour of turtles and terrapins.

Added calcium and an ideal calcium phosphorous ratio of 3.5:1 help to maintain a healthy shell, whilst the Spirulina algae and shrimp revitalise natural colouring.

Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Fish & Fish Derivatives, Minerals, Algae (Including Ergosan 0.9% and Spirulina 3.7%), Yeasts, Vegetables.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
I'm a returning customer of and very satisfied with my purchases.
The turtle came promptly as before.
However, One of the 4 plastic containers bottom was broken and some food had come out.
I'm sure it was during postage so the food should be fresh and I will use it first.
Robert M.