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King British Weekend Fish Feeder Stars

King British
(Code: KB17876)

About King British Weekend Fish Feeder Stars

The ideal solution for feeding tropical and cold water fish while owners enjoy a weekend away, the King British Weekend Feeder Blocks slowly releases nutritious food particles to act as balanced meals for fish during the absence of their carers.

Each plaster-like star matrix is calcium based with pellets embedded throughout. As the base material slowly dissolves in the aquarium, the fish smell the food contained and nibble at the softened material until they expose a pellet.

The pellets contained are designed to have a minimal pollutive effect on the water, as the protein component is based on plant proteins with no fish meal contained, and the pellets are designed to be consumed at a rate that makes it impossible for the block to elevate ammonia levels.

Feeding Guide:
 1 block is formulated to feed up to 12 small tropical fish or 5 medium sized goldfish for up to 3 days. Upon your return, the block should be removed from the aquarium and the normal feeding regime should be resumed. These blocks are unsuitable for feeding to fish in goldfish bowls or aquaria without adequate filtration as water circulation is required for the pyramid to dissolve.