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KONG Cat Wrangler Kneading Mouse

(Code: KGCA435)

About KONG Cat Wrangler Kneading Mouse

A KONG Cat Wrangler Kneading Mouse is an ideal toy for allowing your cat to explore and hone their natural instincts to pounce, knead, scratch and wrestle as part of play.

Many cats knead instinctually, and may do so for a number of reasons. Does your cat like to sit on your lap to be petted, and dig his or her claws in as he relaxes? The Kneading Mouse can be placed on your lap and you can gently direct your cat to knead the toy rather than your leg!

The Kneading Mouse has a plush beaded body with an inviting texture, which will encourage your cat to play with the toy or entice them to snuggle up for cuddles. The ears and tail of the Mouse make a satisfying crinkle sound to help to entice play.  

This toy is recommended for supervised play only and should be replaced if it becomes damaged.

This KONG Cat Wrangler Kneading toy is also available in a cute Turtle design.