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Lickimat Sprinkles Cat Treat Salmon Catnip & Dill

(Code: SG673303)

About Lickimat Sprinkles Cat Treat Salmon Catnip & Dill

Lickimat Cat Sprinkles 150g

At last, a low calorie easy to dispense cat treat that is perfect for filling your pet's Lickimat.  

Sprinkles are hand baked finely crushed biscuits that come in a variety of flavours.

They are wheat & corn free with no added salts, sugars or dyes.

An assortment of food items can be used to fill lickimats e.g. wet cat food, small kibble, cat milk etc. These new Sprinkles are perfect for when you haven't time to spread wet food on a lickimat.


Simply wet a lickimat with water or any other tasty liquid and shake the biscuit treats right on. These delicious Sprinkles are sure to keep your pet licking away for ages!

Licking can actually calm cats and tire them out. Filled Lickimats are a fantastic method of enriching your pet's life.

Available in 2 Flavours for cats:

  • Salmon, Catnip & Dill
  • Liver, Tumeric & Black Pepper

Made in Devon, UK