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Magic Aqua Fiesta Colours

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First launched in 1985 and still very much the best looking and best selling of its kind. The Sydeco concept takes the humble plastic plant and creates an ornament with a far greater perceived value. All designs are unique and offer the hobbyist an easy and effective way of creating fantastic displays.

For the retailer they are easy to merchandise and as they?re self-supporting out of water they are perfect for creating ?dry? aquarium displays to inspire customers leading to increased sales of both decor and aquariums. Whilst many ?purists? may still baulk at using plastic plants we?ve worked hard to introduce more natural, multi-tonal colours and designs.


  • Adds a beautiful splash of colour.
  • With large, stable base for easy planting and so fish cannot 'uproot'.
  • Ideal centre piece for all smaller aquariums.