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M&C Geriatr UM Ageing Supplement For Dogs 45 Tablets

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Geriatr UM is specifically formulated for senior dogs, who are showing signs of slowing down, fatigue and sluggishness.

Geriatrum contains essential vitamins and minerals such as Ginseng which is proven to help maintain the immune system and Green Lipped Mussel as a natural source of Glucosamine, helping your dogs body adjust to the ageing process.

Supports both immune and nervous systems. Powerful Chinese herbs to prolong life
Green Lipped Mussel
Natural source of joint-preserving agents
Calcium, Phosphate, Manganese
Essential minerals involved in bone formation deposition, growth and maintenance
Vitamin A & D
Efficient absorption of minerals, promotes healthy skin and coat, vision and reproduction
Vitamin B
Essential for the efficient metabolism in the body
Vitamin C & E
Natural anti-oxidants, reduces cell/tissue damage
Iron, Copper, Potassium, Cobalt, Zinc and Folic Acid
Essential trace elements for metabolism in the body
Essential micronutrient that is necessary for amino acid production in the body
Essential vitamin for protein and fat metabolism
Essential amino acid in cats because they cannot synthesis it
Geriatr-UM contains Ginseng which is proven to help maintain the immune system and aids in increasing energy and stamina during physical activity which is necessary for ageing dogs

45 Tablet Box