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Mikki Coarse Stripping Knife

(Code: MD276128)

About Mikki Coarse Stripping Knife

The Mikki Stripping Knife for Coarse Coats is an excellent tool which helps to simplify stripping the coats of coarse wire haired and certain short haired breeds.

By grooming firmly in the direction of hair growth, the stainless steel blade with serrated edges plucks out dead hair from the undercoat, and strips the coat to a uniform length, while blunted tips help to prevent accidental injuries.

Removal of the longer, older and duller hair stimulates the new growth of healthy and shiny hair, improving your dog's coat quality.

Never use a stripping comb on a matted coat, as this will cause pain to the dog, use a Knot Buster to remove tangles before combing.

This brush should only be used on the following coat types: Wire and Smooth.

Suitable for both left and right handed users.

Ensure your pet does not have any matts or tangles, and is comfortable with being groomed. Begin by holding the stripping knife with the smooth side of the blade facing you. Place your hand on the dog, close to the area to be groomed, and hold the skin taught to improve comfort for your dog. Following the growth of the dog's coat, use a combing action to trap the hair between the serrated teeth. Holding the hair with your thumb, gently pull in the direction of the lay of the coat to remove the hair. Use an arm and shoulder pulling action, rather than a wrist flex, to avoid cutting the hair rather than pulling it. If the hair being removed is of even length, it means you have cut the coat rather than pulled it, and this is undesirable as it can damage the coat. Work a small area of the coat at a time, and hand strip your dog's coat on a regular basis (every 4-6 weeks).

Length: 25cm