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NT Labs Koi Care FMG-Mixture 500ml

(Code: YR110)

The market leading Koi anti-parasite and fungus fish disease treatment for Koi, there is nothing else on the market as effective as FMG to fight unwanted parasites...A Koi keepers secret weapon!

Anti-Parasite and Fungus Mixture of Malachite Green and Formalin formulated for treating sick Koi with a Koi parasite problem or Koi fungus infection. FMG provides the same treatment levels as the two individual components used separately. A ready mixed Koi treatment eliminating the need to mix seperate treatments, the treatment levels are higher than other propietary mixtures which means this product should not be used when sensitive fish such as Golden Orfe or Sturgeon are present. FMG can be used where Goldfish are present.

Note the warnings on the label and handle the product with care. Keep out of children's reach.