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NTLabs Algae Gone Aquarium Treatment 100ml

NT Labs
(Code: J-K-RC273)

About NTLabs Algae Gone Aquarium Treatment 100ml

Working to clump the particles of single-celled algae together, NT Labs Algae Gone is a single dose, plant friendly treatment to clarify green and cloudy water in the aquarium caused by algal blooms.

Once the minute components of the algae have clumped, they will be strained out by the aquarium filter or can be manually removed with a net for even quicker results.

Regular use of Algae Gone will result in less algae growth as the phosphate levels in the water are decreased, and the product can be used weekly as part of the general aquarium maintenance routine.

Algae Gone will not have a negative effect on live aquarium plants, shrimp or the biological filtration system.

Dosage: 2ml of Algae Gone per 10 litres of aquarium water.