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NTLabs Anti-Ulcer & Finrot Aquarium Medication 100ml

NT Labs
(Code: J-K-RC278)

About NTLabs Anti-Ulcer & Finrot Aquarium Medication 100ml

Suitable for tropical and coldwater aquarium fish, NT Labs Anti Ulcer & Finrot Treatment is an effective medication against Aeronomas and Pseudomonas bacteria which cause fin, mouth and body tissue to be eaten away if left untreated.

Early diagnosis and subsequent treatment is essential to prevent infections caused by these bacteria from becoming fatal.

Active Ingredients: Acriflavine 60.2mg/100ml, 9-aminoacridine 60.2mg/100ml, HCL Formaldehyde 1800mg/100ml.

Dosage: 2ml of treatment per 10 litres of aquarium water.