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Peanuts 4kg

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Wild Bird Peanuts are high in calories, high in energy and rich in fibre and fat. They are appealing and nutritious to a wide variety of wild bird species and are also attractive to squirrels, if you want to feed them too! Peanuts are a valuable food source for wild birds particularly between April and September when fledglings are around.

We recommend you always feed peanuts from a high quality peanut feeder, that is secure to prevent large pieces or whole peanuts being taken by birds to feed hungry fledglings, as young birds can choke on them.

Never feed peanuts loose from a wild bird table to prevent choking.

Peanuts can be infected with a fungus, which produces a poison called aflatoxin, which can be toxic to wild birds. Since there is no clear scientific evidence of what is a safe level for wild birds, we only sell Grade A, Aflatoxin Premium Safe nuts in bulk bags.

Please note our premium peanuts are always fresh, not stale or old nuts that have been stored in warehouse for several months where they could have become infected, before being sold for wild bird food.