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Peckish Extra Goodness Crumble Mix For Wild Birds - 1kg

(Code: PK60051405)

Delight visiting wild birds with Peckish Extra Godness Crumble Mix. The food is suitable for all species of native wild bird, including Robins, Blue Tits, Sparrows and Chaffinchs.

Peckish Extra Goodness Crumble Mix is a mixture of small seeds, mealworms and small chunks of suet, infused with peanut flour and beef tallow, providing a tasty, high energy wild bird food. Extra vitamins and nutrients are provided in this food from Peckish's Calvita Vitamin Mix. This includes Calcium, which aids egg production and supports healthy feather and bone growth as well as Biotin and Vitamin A, D & E, which helps to strength bones and beaks, aids growth and assists reproduction.

The texture of the food is a unique crumble, which can be fed through a bird seed feeder, a ground feeding tray or on a bird table. Peckish Extra Goodness Crumble Mix is a fantastic blend to support the needs and appetities of wild birds during the Spring and Summer months.

To encourage wild birds to spend more time in your garden, we suggest that you situate your feeder around 2m from bush or tree cover. This will ensure that your visitors will feel safe to eat, as they have a safe place close by to hide, but keeps the feeder visible. Providing clean, fresh drinking water alongside food, especially during Summer and Winter, can be the difference between life and death for your local wildlife. You can use a specialist Wild Bird Water Drinker for this. It is important to ensure that the food is kept both fresh and dry, as wet seed can facilitate the spread of disease. Any feeders and drinkers in your garden should be cleaned regularly, with a mild, bird safe disinfectant. If you are new to feeding wild birds, it can take some time for birds to start to regularly visit your feeders. Once birds do start to visit, ensuring that they can rely on food being available in your garden year round will help to encourage repeat visitors.

Peckish Extra Goodness Crumble Mix Ingredients: Suet Pallets, Nyjer Seed, Naked Oats, Ground Mealworms, Kibbled Beans, Linseed, Red Dari, Oyster Shell Grit, Kibbled Wheat, Black Rapeseed, Peanut Flour, Red Millet, Wheat Flour, Yellow Millet, Beef Tallow.

Please note that this food contains nuts. Ensure resealable packaging is fully closed and store in a cool dry place. Peckish recommend that food should be used within 3 months of opening. This food is not a 'no grow' mix - the seeds could germinate under the right conditions if dropped seed is not discarded.