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Peckish Nyjer Seed For Wild Birds - 850g

(Code: PK60051274)

Draw colourful birds to your garden feeders with Peckish Nyjer Seed for Wild Birds. High in energy and packed with the nutrients and oils needed for good health, this small seed is very popular with birds from the Finch family, in particular the Goldfinch.

As Nyjer seed is a small seed, it is best fed from a special Nyjer Seed Feeder to prevent spillage of seed. Feeders are best situated around 2m from the closest area of safe cover. This ensures that the feeder is visible to nearby birds, while still offering a safe area to retreat to close by.

Our top tips for encouraging more birds to visit your garden:

  • If birds are visiting your feeder, continue to provide food on a year round basis. If your garden becomes a place where local birds know they can rely for food, they will be more likely to become repeat visitors. This also helps to protect your local bird populations in case of temporary food shortages. A temporary food shortage can occur at any time through the year.
  • Refill feeders in the early morning where possible, as this ensures a constant and reliable source of food as birds look to replenish the energy they have lost through the night.
  • Consider offering a source of fresh, clean drinking water in addition to food. Having access to fresh water can be the difference between life and death for many wild animals, particularly in the Summer and Winter months, when extreme weather conditions can cause regular sources of water to suddenly become inaccessible. We recommend using either a bird bath, or a specialist self cleaning Water Drinker for Wild Birds.
  • When starting to feed birds in your garden for the first time, remember that it can take some time for birds to start to use a new feeder. Your patience will be well rewarded when your garden is full of colour and birdsong!
  • Protect the local bird population by reducing the risk of disease transmission between your feathered visitors. It is important to ensure that all food available is dry. Wet food should be discarded on a daily basis, as it can start to harbour harmful bacteria. It is advisable to clean feeders and areas where birds may gather, such as bird baths, on a regular basis, using a cleaning product that is suitable for use around birds. We recommend Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Disinfectant for Birds.

This seed mix contains nuts. Store seeds in a cool, dry place and reseal bag after each use. For optimum quality, use within 3 months of opening the bag. This is not a 'no grow' mix, therefore dropped seed may begin to germinate in the right conditions if not discarded.