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Peckish Sunflower Seeds for Wild Birds - 1.25kg

(Code: PK60051109)

Add Peckish Sunflower Seeds for Wild Birds to your garden feeders for a seed that is suitable for year round feeding and that will attract a wide variety of garden birds to your garden, including House Sparrows, Chaffinches, Blue Tits, Greenfinches, Great Tits and Coal Tits. Coal Tits love Sunflower Seeds so much that they will often collect them from a feeder then hide them as to eat later!

Sunflower seeds are a high quality, high energy food source for garden birds. Peckish Sunflower Seeds for Wild Birds still have husks, which means that you will see birds stay around the feeder for longer, as they try to reach the sunflower heart by cracking the husk.

Sunflower Seeds are best placed in a seed feeder, ideally positioned in your garden, around 2m from the closest cover to allow birds to feel secure as they eat, knowing that they can easily get to safety if a predator appears.

Our top tips to encourage more birds to visit your garden:

  • If birds are visiting your garden to feed regularly, continue to offer food throughout the year. When birds see your garden as a reliable source of food, they are more likely to make repeat visits and extra food can be a lifeline at any time of the year if local birds are suffering a food shortage.
  • If you are new to feeding birds in your garden, please be aware that it can take some time for birds to start using new feeders in your garden.
  • Refill feeders early in the morning, to ensure that food is available when birds are looking to replace the energy they have lost through the night.
  • Offer fresh drinking water, either in a bird bath or using a Wild Bird Water Drinker. Having access to clean, safe water can be the difference between life and death for locals, particularly during the Summer and Winter months when there is a risk of other sources of water being dried up or frozen.
  •  Help to protect local birds from disease by ensuring food is fresh and dry. Wet food can become a conduit for bacteria and should be removed daily. Feeders and areas such as bird tables or baths where birds may gather should be regularly disinfected using a bird friendly cleaning product, such as Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Bird Disinfectant.

Please note that this product may contain nuts. Store seed in a cool, dry place and reseal packaging after each use. For optimum quality, consume within 3 months of opening. This seed may germinate if dropped on the ground by birds and not discarded.