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Peckish Winter Warmer Suet Cake for Wild Birds - 8 X Blocks with Feeder

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(Code: PK60050137)

Give visiting birds a much needed treat in cold weather with Peckish Winter Warmer Suet Cake for Wild Birds. This special pack includes 8 blocks of suet cake with a free Peckish Suet Feeder.

Peckish Winter Warmer Suet Cakes have been specifically created using suet and seeds that efficiently provide energy and fat to help birds to survive through the Winter cold, when food sources can become scarce.

It is recommended by the British Ornithology Trust to provide fresh, clean drinking water daily when feeding birds. This is particularly important during the Winter, when other sources of safe drinking water may be frozen or otherwise inaccessible. A Gardman Water Drinker for birds is a great choice to provide water, as it's self flushing system helps to prevent the spread of disease.

Our top tips for attracting wild birds to your garden:

  • If you are feeding wild birds for the first time, please be aware that it can take some time for birds to start using a new feeder.
  • Once you have birds regularly visiting your garden, it is recommended that you maintain appropriate food supplies for visitors throughout the year. Feeding throughout the year encourages birds to become repeat visitors, as your garden is a reliable source of good quality food for them.
  • When hanging your suet feeder, choose a location around 2m from the nearest safe cover, to ensure that the feeder is both visible and positioned to allow birds to easily retreat to safety. This will help the visiting birds to feel more secure while eating.
  • Replace food and water early in the morning, when birds are most likely to be looking for food to replace the energy that they lose through the night.
  • Ensure that uneaten food remains fresh and dry. Wet food can become a conduit for disease and bacteria to spread between birds. It is also important to clean areas where birds come to eat and drink on a regular basis, using a bird friendly cleaner, such as Johnson's Clean 'N' Safe Bird Disinfectant.

Peckish Winter Warmer Suet Cake Ingredients: Wheat, Wheat Flour, Beef Tallow, Calcium Carbonate, Naked Oats, Suet Pellets (Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Beef Tallow), Kibbled Maize, Sunflower Seed, White Dari, Red Dari, Linseed, Sunflower Hearts

Please note that this product contains nuts. Store suet blocks in a cool, dry place and use within 3 months of opening.



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