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PetSafe Wireless Fence

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The Petsafe Wireless Radio Fence Pet Containment System allows your pet to roam freely within your property, preventing them from straying on roads or chasing livestock in neighbouring fields.

Simply set the dog's boundary using the adjustable radial dial
. A radio signal is sent to the dog's Receiver Collar, marking the boundaries you wish to set for your dog. As the dog approaches the boundary, the dog’s Receiver Collar will issue a warning tone. If he continues towards the boundary, the collar will issue a safe but startling electrical stimulation. While harmless, it will teach him to stay in the containment area you have established. Pets quickly learn to respect the perimeter and soon avoid the stimulation completely.

The Standard Wireless System is suitable for dogs and cats weighing over 3.6kg and provides five levels of static stimulation. This complete system includes a Receiver Collar and Boundary Flags. The system can cover up to 1/2 an acrea.

Petsafe products are extensively tested and trusted, and we do not recommend the use of cheap imitations which are available elsewhere online. All products sold by Pet Connection are genuine Petsafe products. For further information on the Petsafe Radio Fence System, read our guide to Containment Systems.