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Pigs Ear Natural Chew

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Fully digestible and incredibly palatable, Pigs Ears are greatly appreciated as a chewy snack by dogs who love natural treats as part of their healthy diet.

As quality natural pork snacks, pigs ears contain lots of cartilage which allows for a great chewing session and provides essential vitamins and minerals for healthy joints.

Many dogs appreciate the challenge of a full pigs ear to gnaw, especially medium and large dogs, but for very tiny breeds and elderly dogs, Pigs Ear Strips provide a tasty snack and will still satisfy the dog's natural chewing instincts.

Pigs ears are naturally very high in protein and all of the pigs ears available at Pet Connection are free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and added salt.

Entirely natural treats are excellent for dogs with sensitivities to common allergens, including wheat gluten, soy and particular protein sources and Anco Moon Bones, Pizzle Sticks and Natural Turkey Necks are other options which are also all made from alternative protein sources and without unnecessary additives. For extremely sensitive stomachs and for a very long lasting chew, Antler Dog Chews offer a natural option to satisfy a tough chewer.

Chewing is a natural behaviour for all canines, and should be channelled appropriately rather than discouraged or punished. Directing your dog towards chewing on natural treats will help to improve oral health by scraping and cleaning the teeth, reducing any build up of tartar or plaque. Allowing your dog to chew on appropriate items will help to relieve boredom and destructive behaviour, and can help nervous dogs or those with separation anxiety.

It is advised to only allow your dog to chew natural products on stain resistant surfaces.