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Pigs Ear Dog Treats - Strips, 500g (Pre Packed)

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 Dried pigs' ears in strips - ideal for smaller dogs and as a snack between meals, cares for teeth and gums and satisfies your dog's chewing instincts. Pigs' ears are one of the most popular dog treats. They are suitable as a snack for all dogs. Contrary to many dog bones, pigs' ears are easily digestible. The high cartilage content in pigs' ears will strengthen your dog's jaw muscles and help with tooth cleaning. These pigs' ears are cut into strips, making them particularly suitable for smaller dogs or as a fun chew between meals. A Quality, Natural Pork Treat That Has Been Air Dried For Dogs Of All Sizes And Ages Nutritional Info: Protein 79.2% Oil 15.9% Fibre 0.2% Ash 2.3%